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Selection:  Grieg
March of the Trolls  (excerpt)

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Michael Sellers performs at Anichkow Palace in Russia
  Michael Sellers combines a career as an internationally acclaimed concert pianist and recording artist, with more than 25 years experience teaching students of all ages.

A member of the piano faculty of Mount Saint Mary's College in Los Angeles and the Southern California Conservatory of Music, Mr. Sellers' students have won important awards, obtained advanced degrees and achieved careers in music.


Joan Kwuon - from her appearance at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  One of Mr. Sellers' celebrated students is Joan Kwuon, who received her Master of Music degree from Juilliard School of Music in New York.

In 1999, Ms. Kwuon soloed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Andre Previn. 

On a recent tour, she performed concerts in Russia, England, Korea and Mexico, as well as the U.S.

In February of 2006 she performed a solo recital at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Joan Kwuon studied piano with Mr. Sellers for eight years and since has established a successful international career as a concert violinist.

To inquire about piano instruction, please contact:

Michael Sellers   323-663-1385

or email:  Michael Sellers



  Besides his success in the teaching of adults and aspiring professionals, Mr. Sellers has been very effective in the teaching of children.

He believes that a quality education in music and the other arts is a basic ingredient in a well-rounded education.

Mr. Sellers doesn't just teach piano, he also makes an effort to discover the true and unique talents and abilities of each student, and to develop individual creativity.
  "Michael Sellers is a rare combination--an artist who is also a good teacher of small children.

He is kind and patient and respectful of the children, yet he continuously challenges them to study and master more difficult tasks.

Michael Sellers also teaches piano, not just as piano playing, but as art that is fun. He trains the children from the beginning to control the sound and to listen to the way it is played."

Kim Lipton, Parent





  • Foster a life-long love for music

  • Realize a student's full potential

  • Develop a student with the proper gradient level

  • Expand the student's understanding of music

  • Provide performing experience through recitals and National Music Teacher's Association annual evaluation auditions, competitions

  • Develop solid and good technique, memory, student and practice skills and habits


Lessons are offered all year round to qualified students of all ages who have a sincere desire to learn.



"Michael Sellers is a wonderful teacher."
Richard Thomas, actor


"I've enjoyed the master class a lot.  It was one of my favorite piano learning activities."
Richard Thomas, age 11


"The background and foundation Isabel built are very evident.  For a 9-year-old, she plays with real musicality and sensitivity--a contrast with other students, even older ones."
Ralph Gilbert, artist

"You learn a lot and have fun at the same time."
Ben Braun, age 11


"Aside from your patience and your obvious gifts as a teacher, I have been most impressed with your open mind toward diverse musical styles and your respect for the individual.  I'm grateful that you have nurtured Sheila's interest in writing her own music, giving her direction and always challenging her to learn more."
Michael O'Daniel, concert manager


Michael Sellers is accepting new students. To inquire, please call 323-663-1385
or email:  Michael Sellers.



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